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Roy's Fusion cookware and sticky pans

Happy new year to all...

I am a cast-iron / Teflon pot/pan cook, but my wife has a full set of Roy’s Stainless Steel - Fusion cookware. She got me a full set of aluminum infused cookware to quiet me up – I complain about the sticking – burning, but maybe it’s me.

Everything I cook sticks… I’ve used various amounts of oil, cooking temperature, and tending (I’m a put it in the pan and let it cook while I do other things kinda guy: hence the name – lazy cook.)

but even when I “am” watching the food; it starts to stick and before I know it part of dinner is “Fusion’ed” with the pan or pot.

Am I doing something wrong or is Roy’s meaning of Fusion cooking – not a melody of foods but a subtle inside joke about how the cookware sticks? (just joking about that last part)

Other then that – it is a nice set of cookware – very sturdy and easy to clean despite the burnt on food.

Thanks, for you shared ideas.

Oops, got to check lunch…

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Roy's Fusion cookware and sticky pans sounds like a great name for a kitchenware boutique!
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roys fusian cookware

I am disgusted with Roys fusian cookware. It is beautiful enough and I loved it for one year. that is how long it is warrantied for. after a year the color started peeling off and now I have a big troublesome mess. I paid alot of money for these beautiful pots and now they are the spawn of hell. I can't just go out and purchase new pots as these were to be my pots for a long time. If I had known they only had a one year warrenty I would have never purchased them. I just assumed that because they were such a good gage of stainless steele that they would be wonderful for a long time to come. no such luck. I bought them off of HSN and the sales people sure did sell these pots but not once was the one year warrenty mentioned. Any one out there looking for these pots I advise you look somewhere else. Stay with the tried and true. as far as burning, you can't beat Melaleuca's tub and tile product for cleaning these kinds of pots. It is almost a miracle scrub.
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