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Sauteing in frying pan vs. saute pan

Is there any difference between sauteting in a frying pan (w/sloped edges) vs. a saute pan (w/ straight edges?)

I do most of my sauteing in a 10" fry pan. I found a good deal on a 12" All Clad saute pan. Aside from the wider cooking surface area, is there any advantage between choosing between the straight and sloped edges?? I know the second handle will be convenient for oven use but is there anything else that would make a difference??

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In my opinion saute pans and frying pans are named incorrectly. I think the saute pan should be called a frying pan and the frying pan should be called a saute pan. The reason is that sauteing is a method of cooking where the food is constantly moving. You are often flipping the food by shaking the pan and pulling it back quickly. With the sloping sides this is very easy to do. With straight sides it is much more difficult. Frying means you have a pan with hot fat in it. Straight sides makes it easier to keep the fat where it should be instead of spilling out over your stove.

Both cooking methods can be done in either pan, but I think that sloped sides are much better for sauteing and straight sides are better for frying.
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As long as the construction of the two pans is the same, no difference in performance.

The larger flat cooking surface is an advantage, as is the fact that a saute pan comes with a lid.

If you like to flip the the food rather than using a utensil, it's much easier to do in a fry pan.
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