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Stains on Stainless Steel

I made a big mistake and left my Cuisinart skillet on to pre-heat and left the room and forgot it for about 15 min. The bottom got dark. I was able to use Bar Keeper's friend to get most of it out.

So far it seems to be cooking ok but now I am having some trouble cleaning it. I guess it is some olive oil residue that will not come off no matter how hard I scrub with Bar keeper's friend. I do have back problems so maybe I am not scrubbing hard enough.

I am so mad at myself that I almost ruined the pan and I hope I haven't done any permanent damage to it. I would appreciate any suggestions to get the residue mainly around the edges off.


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Put the pan in a trash bag with a bowl of ammonia and tie it shut. Leave it outdoors overnight. The pan should come clean easily in the morning.
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Thanks, I have searched and read several solutions but most were using Bar Keeper's friend. This one sounds like a good one to try. Thanks!!
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BKF is a good thing to have on hand for stubborn stuff when you are doing dishes.

NH3 will take care of the heavy stuff with little effort.
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My SIL burned olive oil in one of her All Clad stainless pans and it was really bad. She was going to throw it away.

But I got it looking brand new again with oven cleaner and barkeeper's friend
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I don't normally keep ammonia on hand, but I always have oven cleaner. I love it for getting polymerized fat off my frypans. As you've discovered, BKF isn't always up to the task. Unless it's raining, there's no need to use a plastic bag. I spray it on and place the pan on the patio overnight. Easy peasy. I also use it on the underside of my heavy aluminum pans.
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