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Where to buy a drum sieve/Tamis in the UK

I got three new cooking books for xmas. I was reading one and it mention using a drum sieve / tamis for purées and sauces. And then reading the second, it also mentions a drum sieve. And the third . . . Now I want one and discover my two local cook shops don't know what they are / don't stock them. It looks like they're quite common in France and USA but not UK. I've found a couple of sites in the uk that have them but they're very expensive and don't give much information. (I can't post links yet . . .)

Does anyone in the uk know where I can buy these online? What size mesh should I get for producing very fine purees?

Or should I risk buying from France. Are there any French cooks websites that ship to the UK?


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There is a gadget out there which is called something like a moule.There are also puree sieves. These will probably do the job you want. I quite often purree my soup with a stick blender, or you could use a big blender.

The other place to look for gadgets are the professional kitchen supply shops.
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If you're just looking for a sieve (something to ensure stuff is already pureed), I have one of the greatest things ever. I also use it as a fine strainer. I have NO clue how to spell it, but it's pronounced "Shin-wah." I adore it.
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Old 01-22-2009, 05:36 PM   #4
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Thanks for the replies.

I have a moule and it's great for making thick sauces and puréeing veg. I'm after something with a much finer mesh for very smooth sauces or even mash potato. I've been reading 'French Laundry' by Thomas Keller. He uses drum sieves repeatedly for sauces, soups, stocks etc. Heston Blumental also quotes using them in his 'Family Food'. Unfortunately the supplier he mentions web site is under construction / revamping and has been for more than a year. Their shop is in London and relatively easy for me to get to, so I may just drop in anyway when I get a chance.

Laurel - thanks for the tip. You've pronounced something I only know how to spell! I think you're refering to a Chinois. I have one and use it a lot. It's a great bit of kit. I think a drum sieve would complement it greatly.

I've spent a lot of time browsing this site and it looks very promising. Once I've posted enough posts to put in some links, I'll come back to this thread and list the sites I've found that sell the sieve I think I'm after. Hopefully someone will have bought one and let me know which to get.
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For a manual tool, try finding it with the name "food mill".
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Is this what you are looking for?
Sifters & Shakers
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You are referring to a chinois.
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They are still hard to find in the U.S., I usually buy a moulinex tamis from france. I found a site for the U.K. here: cookware-uk.co.uk/this is a little expensive but tamis will be no matter where you go. This one will last a lifetime most of the others will break in a matter of uses because they were made for flour or sugar not potato puree, or foie gras torchons. As for size 300mm is perfect to sit on most bowls and medium #20 screens is just right for most jobs. Lastly, since the american dollar is so weak at the moment maybe it would be best to order from the U.S. and take a hit on shipping... J.B. Prince in New York is you best bet there...
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