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Old 06-11-2016, 01:11 PM   #61
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I've been reading my knife book. This guy has evidence to back up what he says and he's a good writer, to boot. It's an enjoyable and informative read. I suggest it for anyone looking to buy a new knife or to anyone who just wants to know more about kitchen knives.

It turns out that what was true years ago is no longer true today because if advances in metallurgy and methods of manufacture. For example, a stamped knife like my Vitoriox is not a piece of junk as compared to a forged knife. Full tang is not necessarily better than a partial tang. Did you know that almost all the European knife makers are now using the 15 degree Japanese edge?

Personally, I would adore a set of beautiful hand hammered knives. I saw some in person at the expensive kitchen store. They took my breath away. The knives that I bought are very plain and will impress nobody which is fine with me because I'm not out to impress. I have what I want...something that will last me to the end of my life and something I didn't have to go into debt to buy.
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Neither am I out to impress - as I said, good knives are an investment to last a lifetime. They become trusted friends. Whatever top quality knives you choose will never let you down, provided you learn how to sharpen them properly. There is no snobbery in this. Some of my best knives are over 40 years old, and i wouldn't swap them for the world, but I would say, you really need to know how to sharpen them properly.

di reston

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Location: Moselle MS
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I haven't gotten to the sharpening part of the book yet. The author keeps alluding to it. I
know that I will have to learn. It's scary to me because I never thought I had the sharpening gift, but I shall learn.
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