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Chicago Cutlery?

Hello...I'm new here but not to cooking. I'm looking to replace my current cutlery with one from Chicago Cutlery, this is what I'm looking, the blades are forged and are not serrated and it would look really great on my counter.

Does anyone have any experience with Chicago Cutlery?


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Sister spent a lot on CC. Doesn't like it at all. Bought my daughter the Calphalon knives and they seem to be holding up quite well.

Make sure you "test drive" them first. How they feel in your hand is possibly the most important thing to check.

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I do not have any first hand experience with this brand, but I have heard of a lot of people who really like them for the price. The advice about test driving them is right on though. Buying knives is sort of like buying shoes. You can buy a top of the line shoe, but if it doesn't fit you will never wear it. Same with knives. If it doesn't feel right in your hand then what good is it?

One other suggestion I have is to think about if you really need a knife set instead of one or two knives. Think about each knife in the set and what you would use it for. You may realize that you could get away with just buying a chefs knife and a paring knife. You may also find out that you do need all the knives in the set. If you realize that you don't need all of them then you could consider spending more on a few knives to get better quality, not that a higher price means better quality. Just something to think about.
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I've got an old set of Chicago Cutlery that I've used for about 30 years now and I love them. Old solid forged knives with wood handles, not this new "teckno" stuff. That "Landmark" series that you're looking at doesn't look comfortable to hold.

Knives are very personal things ... once you caress one you might find a beauty that you can't live without - when nobody else can see the beauty that enchants you. Just like in selecting a mate to spend the rest of your life with - you probably don't want to marry the first person you date. Go around to different stores (even if you are not going to buy from them) - hold the different knives and get a feel for them.

I have to admit that I get a "wandering eye" about once a year and think about getting new knives. That usually is about the time that I realize I need to get my knives, sit down with my stones, and spend a couple of hours sharpening them - or it's been a couple of years and it's time to treat myself with a professional sharpening job.

If money was no object - I would pick a mix of Shun and Wusthof's "Le Cordon Bleu" series knives.
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