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I am different I have a set of very fine crafted Japanese knives I would not trade them for the best henkels in the world Ihave had them for over 20 yrs and have sharpened them once just used a steel every time I used them and I can still shave with them
I am not putting any body on they are hard to find and expencive but worth every dollar
and absolutly no body touches my knives.
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Originally Posted by Falkon View Post
I was wondering how I missed this. I considered the wolfgang puck knives, because I have a few pans from WP. What I found out is that yes the knives are stamped. They're also not really Wolfgang Puck brand per say. They're, well... cheap Chinese knives. I'm sure they can do the job, but I'm happy that I went for the forged knives that I like, HOWEVER if I had to do it all again, I would buy a complete set of forged genuine Victorinox knives. FOR SURE!
Everything i've read said that they are forged and made from High Carbon Stainless Steel

That being said, Of course Victorinox are going to be better. They are better knives. WP just got another manufacturer to make the knives and then slapped his name on it, same way Emeril has Henckel make his knives. But for 20 bux for a 4 piece set? How can you go wrong? Anyone looking to make a serious investment in knives should go towards Wustoff's or better. Anyone who wants a good set at a great price, should get some WP's

Tried posting a link, but dont have enough posts, so going to cut and paste, sorry about the extended length of the post.

The Wolfgang Puck Santoku Knife Set comes displayed in an attractive wooden block. This five piece set is constructed of high carbon stainless steel and features high quality full tang blades.
5 pc. Santoku knife set
High carbon stainless steel
Full tang blades
Fully forged blades
High quality
Wooden block included
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