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ISO - 8" chef knife & meat cleaver

I am looking for two knives.

1. 8-inch chef's knife
2. meat cleaver
* best/easiest apparatus to sharpen them with also *

Price is not a huge problem for me but this is how I would like to approach this. I would like to purchase two knives that are the best possible purchase for the least amount of money spent. An example would be if someone said,

"If you are looking for the best quality knives for the cheapest amount of money then you should spend at least $300 on __ or __ at the very least. Anything under that is not worth it and you should save until you can afford __ or __. Anything over that is good but not necessary for what you posted."

Or someone might say that I can get two good knives for much cheaper and then they list the specific knife(s) that they are referring to.

So, price is not particularly an issue but I want to spend the least amount possible while still getting two knives that are worth the money. Thank you!

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Knives are kinda sorta a personal choice. Of the high quality brands, if I were to recommed a particlar series, it might not be right for you. You need to get touchy/feely to determine what is comfortable for you.
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I have used my cleaver maybe a dozen times in ten years.

I wouldn't spend a lot of money on one.
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First find a knife or brand which best fits our hand. Just about everyone makes an 8" chef, so that isn't an issue. You will be using it a lot so you want one that is comfortable. That is something which nobody can tell you about, you just have to go out and try them. I equate it to buying shoes... try before you buy.
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Since price does not seem an issue for you I would like to strongly suggest that you head to a William-Sonama store and talk to them while you try them out. You really have to feel a knife in your hand before you can use it with comfort. For the cleaver, it is not an item that you will be using often. You will find that when you are cutting up a chicken, it is just as easy and quicker to use your chef's knife. That goes for a lot of meats. Therefore I would recommend one that is comfortable in your hand and not consider the higher price as to it being superior. I have one that has a short handle and is perfect for me as my hands are very small. But in the 10+ years that I have had it, I doubt I have taken it out more than five times. Cleavers are a necessary item for butchers. But for cooks or chefs, they are rarely used.

Have you noticed that no one has recommended a name brand? Good luck.
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