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Knife set for wedding gift

Hey total newb here

I'm looking to get a wedding gift for friends, thinking about getting a knife set for them. Being a keen samurai lover the idea of the layered blade with the beautiful marking is hugely appealing to me.

The only thing is the getting the right set. Been looking at the Naifu D67 range coming in at around £280 for the 8 piece block set. They have 67 layers and look pretty nice. However I cant seem to find any info on them other than the PR blurbs that have been sent out. Actual user reviews or even images or videos that aren't lifted off their main site don't seem to exsist, which concerns me.

I have practically no skills or knowledge when it comes to cooking but the couple I'm buying for are dead into it, so I would like to get them something they would really appreciate. He's the kind of guy who'd crack the whetstone and oil out rediculously frequently so can get excited about how sharp his knifes are, while getting the piece of paper out for sharpness demonstrations for anyone who'll listen. However the real test would be if the bride liked them and found them practical for everyday use.

I think around the £250 mark is the kind of range I'd be comfortable spending, would love them to look great but also back that up with stellar performance as well. Any recommendations or advice would be great as I have been pretty much going by price and looks

Thanks for any feedback

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I've never heard of them before, so I did some research
Know Your Steel | Buying Kitchen Knives on a Budget

from there I found this
About Damascus Professional Knives | Chef's Knife Store
"NAIFU D67 blades are formed from multiple layers of complimentary stainless knife steel compressed around a central high carbon (VG10) core. Tempered to a high hardness rating (HRC 58-60) the blades acquire ‘surgical’ sharpness that is very enduring and readily regained when necessary with a few gentle stokes through the NAIFU sharpener.

Best Kitchen Knives For Every Budget | Cheap & Professional Chef Knife Set Review.
Read the whole thing and they seem like a decent knife but would you be better served buying 1 or 2 Shun or similar knives

Guess I just gave you more to think about
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Hello. I too am total Newb. Was surfing and reading all the cool stuff on this site, saw your post and couldn't help want to offer you another idea.
I have a handmade carving set with Japanese patterned blade of VG-10 steel like you are talking about that I really love. It's different than any I have ever seen and has held up very well with use, though I always hand wash and dry. Definitely the "samurai" look you are talking about. I also have a wide selection including Shun, Global, Messermeister and others, and this is my favorite. Quality as good or better as those, but looks awesome. Made by a small company named Salter Fine Cutlery. Don't know the cost as mine was a gift and they don't list their prices on their website.
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