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Question About Knives


My first post here..anyway I have what is probably a really stupid question, I own the Shun three piece set (my first decent set of knives) Ive recently purchased them and it contains a

20 cm Chef Knife
15 cm utility
9 cm parer

Im confused as to the use of each knife, which would you use to cut chicken breast, slice celery etc etc

I find the 15 cm utility does everything I want it too, could this be used as the all purpose knife..Thanks

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Use whatever you feel comfortable with. There are no rules. I use a chef´s knife for almost everything - small knife for peeling ginger or similar tasks.
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Generally the chefs knife is the one most people use as their go to knife, the one they use for most tasks. If you were just buying two knives then usually it would be a chefs and paring knife. The paring knife would be used for small delicate work and things like peeling fruits and veggies and the chefs knife would be used for everything else (chopping, slicing, dicing, smashing garlic, etc.). That being said, like forkitover mentioned, use what you are comfortable with.
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I use my 10 inch chef's knife for almost everything. But I don't use it for fillet'ing fish, or boning a chicken. I would use the utility knife for that purpose. And as was said, the paring knife is used for delicate work.

I have used the chef's knife to carve a turkey, but a good sharp utility knife would do that job better as well. Conversely, I would never use the utility knife to slice a boneless ham, or roast. It just isn't long enough. And if I'm doing slicing, chopping, mincing, or need to cut soemthing like a mellon, or winter squash, the chef's knife is the obvious choice.

But good knife technique is a learned skill. Find someone who cooks for a living, and get them to show you how they use their knives. And make sure the person has proper skills. There are a good many kitchen cooks who can hardly slice a carrot. And then there are those that can carve that carrot into a totem pole.

It will take just a little time to get the hang of it. But knife skills aren't difficult to master. Sometimes though, keeping the end of a finger or thumb might be. So always be conscious of safety.

I have a daughter who has good knife skills, and still, in a moment of carelessness, ended up in the hopital requiring 4 stitches in her thumb.

Use what is comfortable to you, and that provides you with the best control fo your knife. And the Shun knives should serve you very well.

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There are no rules.
My Mother used to use her Chef's Knife for everything! One day I found her peeling radishes with it!
Have fun and keep it simple!
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Thanks for the replys, just finding my way at the moment with the Shuns, and I must say Im impressed, Im happy with the fit of the handles even though I have hands the size of dinner plates..Ive never owned anything so brutally sharp..and as a nurse Ive seen what knives in the kitchen can do, anyway have a nice day all..

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