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Can Sun-Dried Tomatoes be Frozen to Prolong Shelf-Life?

Ive been drying tomatoes all season long.
I like them ' almost' dried. In other words, not crispy, but with a little plumpness to them.
For immediate use, I like to marinate them with oil and garlic, but over a little time it could get a little rancid, so I only do it with a portion that I know will be used up during that week.

That leaves me with a decent amount of dried tomatoes that are waiting their turn to get eaten.

I was wondering if I could freeze the rest and defrost them as I need them with out an major taste or consistency change.

I have more than enough to do a trial attempt, but I was wondering if anyone had any first hand experience before I tried.

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We make oven dried tomatoes, divide them into meal portions and freeze. They have been coated in olive oil. dried basil and PR the laid out on a rack, then placed in a 200F oven until they are mostly dried out. They still have a bit of moisture when cooled and bagged. We don't vacuum seal them, they just get placed in quart freezer bags. Of the sun dried tomatoes I've had, I think these are much better. I'll eat them as a snack.
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I bought 5 lbs a few weeks ago that still had a little moisture left in them. Some folks here suggested freezing them. I froze some in sandwich bags and seems to have worked out just fine.
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I've frozen them from year to year, dry, without oil. I've made sauce from them, just fill up a blender half way with water, add in the frozen dried tomatoes, blend, and voila, sauce, and often almost like paste.
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Thanks guys, looks like into the freezer they go !!!

A few years ago, I found a container of them pushed to the back of the fridge, that had molded up a bit. Dont want that to happen again.
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