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Canning alcoholic bev question

I'm new here and have done a search, but haven't found anything that helps. If this is a rehash, please forgive me.

I've just cooked another batch of "apple Pie" punch, which includes Apple juice, cider, cinnamon, and Everclear alcohol. The apple juice, cider and spices are cooked, then cooled before the alcohol is added. Yes, it tastes just like apple pie too.

Now, since we won't be drinking it all at once, I tried to can some. Hubby says that the heat from the waterbath canning will ruin the alcohol. As it's apple juice I was afraid that it may ferment if left to just stand. We've left this mix to stand for a month or so without troubles, but not any longer. I'd like this to "age" for about 6 months, until the fall for a gathering we'll be at.

OR is there enough alcohol in it to prevent the mix from fermenting? Is this okay for the hot water bath?

Thanks for any help.

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If you have to ask and have done searching with no results, you should know that canning is not recommended nor considered safe since it has not been evaluated and tested in a laboratory by a food scientist.

As for the fermentation, are you working with homemade ingredients that have not been pasteurized or purchased commercial products?
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The ingredients are purchased commercial products, cooked, cooled and alcohol is then added. The end result tastes and smells very much like an apple pie, hence the name.
I'd like to can some, using a hot water bath. I would cold pack the liquid, then hot bath to seal, similar to what I do for regular apple juice. With the jars sealed, do you think that the heat would diminish the alcohol?

Thanks for the help.
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It seems to me that just bottling your "Apple Pie" woud be quite enough. Sterilize your bottles of course. Commercial apple juice is almost always pasturized, ergo no fermentation. Just to be on the safe side store it somewhere a small "pop" won't make a big mess, just to see what happens. Personally I've never had a problem and I've made any number of adult beverages quite successfully.
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you might want to do a yahoo search on apfelmost.
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Thank you for all the help and suggestions. I've stored it in jars and not had any troubles. The idea came while I was sanitizing the jars and lids, why not just "can" them. That led me to this.

We've brewed and bottled beer for years here, and bottling and capping might be another option. I was wondering about longer term storage - 6 months and longer.

I have a feeling that I may can a few, bottle a few and just jar store the rest and see how they do.

And thanks for the apfelmost lead. Very interesting reading, which of course has led me to more ideas!

Thanks again, everyone.
And if you're ever on the Oregon Coast, stop by for a taste!

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