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Two-piece or one-piece lids for canning

I'm new to canning and have done a bit of googling on this topic. It seems that it depends on where you are from as each country has different standards. My understanding is that when you water bath a two piece lid the oxygen can escape, leading to a safe seal. If I use a regular jar with a regular lid, does it still allow the air to escape? Some example of some products that I plan to 'can'. Quinces poached in a sugar syrup, salsa verde etc.

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Shane, you are best to stick with what Australia says is their standard rather than try to use two different methods.

As for lids, if both happen to be common there, then choose the one that suits you.

If you are talking about empty store-bought jam jars that you have saved that have those pop-up and down lids in one piece, then I would check under the lids to see that the soft rubbery stuff that helps seal is still pliable and not damaged.
If using those, make sure the lids have 'pop-down' with cooling. You will probably even hear them 'pop' just like the 2 piece lids do.

I have preserved jams with them, a friends does tomatoes with them.
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It is my understanding you should never reuse a lid once you have heated it. Maybe that has changed, but I'd certainly follow the manufacturer's directions. I also wouldn't reuse a commercially canned jar.

There's another reason for using lids and rings. Once the jars cool and pop, you should really loosen the rings a bit before storing so that if the contents go bad for whatever reason and start to ferment, a loosened ring will let gas and bubbly contents out, rather than a build up of gas and bubbly contents causing an explosion with broken glass and a massive mess to clean up rather than just confined to a small area.
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thanks for the comments guys.
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Shane, welcome to DC.


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