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Conversation Between CharlieD and justplainbill
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  1. CharlieD
    04-04-2013 12:56 PM
    Bill, thank you for passover wishes. Have to admit it suck, not the Pasover it self, of course but the food at the place we stayed were horible, i am still sick in my stomach.
  2. CharlieD
    02-20-2013 04:08 PM
    Thank you Bill, just my luck, wouldn't you know.
  3. justplainbill
    King Arthur's First Clear is NOT certified Kosher. Heartland Mills Golden Buffalo is supposed to be Kosher and similar to a first clear flour.
  4. CharlieD
    02-11-2013 03:01 PM
    I was just reading article on Yahoo about people being stranded on the road for 12 hours, writing goodbuy letters, etc. Kind of scary.
    My & qt KA is great. I love it. have been bussy, cannot wait to get into pasta making, it came with 3 different attachments.
    Been trying to make rye bread that most resembles Russian bread, that i am used to, but I am sure the flour it self is different and then there is the kosher issue that limits my pool of items I can use. It's all good. Good to hear everything is ok with you.
    One of my trip to NY, I really need to stop by to see you.
  5. justplainbill
    Hi Charlie. Yes I'm on the east end of Long Island. Only about 45 cm of snow accumulation here. The American public is largely a collection of pansies, crybabies, and girlymen. No problem with the snow except for the salt they put on the roads that rusts the cars. How's your 7 quart KitchenAid treating you? Mine certainly makes kneading bread dough a lot easier. Cooked a piece of beef eye round that I corned for 23 days. Had a sample for breakfast. It was quite tasty. I'm looking forward to eating the rest of the spiced corned beef with home made rye bread tonight for supper.
    Good hearing from you- Bill
  6. CharlieD
    02-11-2013 01:45 PM
    Hey, Bill, aren't you in Long Island? How are you doing? I hear LI got hit really hard witht the storm.
  7. justplainbill
    Hi Charlie. Thanks for thinking of me. Sounds like you're doing ok. I'm hanging in there. I'm still depressed by the passing of two friends, one on 24 Dec., the other on 25 Dec. and another acquaintance who is saying unkind things about the two who have passed.
    Stay well and accentuate the positive- Bill
  8. CharlieD
    02-24-2011 06:52 PM
    Hi how are you, haven't been around too much, have not seen you for a while. How's everything?

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