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luckytrim 09-27-2018 09:17 AM

Trivia 9/27
trivia 9/27
Robert Cocking (1776-1837) was the first person to die by Parachute

1. Nabisco is the short form of the Company's name ; What's the full name ?
2. Which of the Beatles was the oldest ?
3. The Biblical Tower of Babel was supposedly located in what is now .....
a. - Iran
b. - Iraq
c. - Saudi Arabia
d. - Israel
4. City planners might potentially get frustrated with citizens who have an
attitude of NIMBY. What does the acronym stand for in the context of city
5. Who was the first NHL person to score fifty goals in a season?
a. - Maurice (Rocket) Richard
b. - Gordie Howe
c. - Wayne Gretzky
d. - Martin Brodeur
6. In 1934 the world's first quintuplets to survive infancy piqued world
interest in Ontario, Canada. They were the ________ Quintuplets. (Surname
please )
7. What name was given to the famous extremist political group led by
Maximilien Robespierre during the French Revolution?
8. What are Wendy's brothers' names in the classic children's story, 'Peter

The island of Madagascar broke off from the African Continent about 88
million years ago, and is slowly drifting farther away.
1. National Biscuit Company
2. Ringo
3. - b
4. 'Not in my Back Yard!'
5. - a
6. The Dionne Quintuplets
7. Jacobins
8. Michael and John

Although it is an African nation, the island of Madagascar did not originate
as a separated piece of that continent, but rather broke off from the Indian
Subcontinent 88 million years ago. Consequently, it has been isolated for so
long that 90% of its wildlife can be found nowhere else on earth.
Madagascar sits on its own plate, but Since its formation the Madagascar
block has moved roughly in conjunction with Africa, and thus there are
questions as to whether the Madagascar Plate should be still considered a
separate plate.

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