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luckytrim 01-05-2019 05:49 AM

Trivia 1/5
trivia 1/5
The Cassette Tape and the Pop-top can have both been with us since 1963.

1. If you were in the market to buy Plimsolls, where would you go to find
2. What is the literal translation of 'Mesopotamia ' ?
3. Name That flick ;
Roger Murtaugh "Have you ever met anyone you didn't kill?" - Martin Riggs
"Well, I
haven't killed you yet."
4. Wordplay Dept;
My literal horse will never be broke, because his behind is his ________.
5. In the "Simpsons", Homer's two sisters-in-law, Patty and Selma, are huge
fans of what 1980s action/adventure television series which starred Richard
Dean Anderson?
6. Who used the slogan "Drivers wanted"?
7. A giant step in technology brought us the "transistor". Which two words
were used to make this blend?
a. - "transit" and "resistor"
b. - "transfer" and "resistor"
c. - "transform" and "resister"
d. - "transport" and "resistor"
8. When it comes to Government agencies, what does NOAA stand for ?
(Bonus; within that organization, there's the NCDC ; what's THAT stand for

The comic strip character, “Nancy” was a spin-off of another comic strip.
1. Shoe Store
2. Land Between Two Rivers
3. 'Lethal Weapon'
4. Quarters
5. MacGyver
6. Volkswagen
7. - b
8. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (National Climatic Data

"Nancy" first appeared in Ernie Bushmiller's "Fritzi Ritz" in 1933. Fritzi
was a flapper and Nancy was introduced as her niece. The eight year old was
precocious and quickly dominated the strip to the point where it was renamed
in 1938 and Aunt Fritzi was gradually phased out. Sluggo Smith, an eight
year old boy from the other side of the tracks, arrived in 1938. Bushmiller
died in 1982, but the strip has been continued by a series of cartoonists,
most recently by a female. The popularity of the strip was based on the
humor which appealed to a broad audience. Newspapers certainly did not have
to worry about angry letters.

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