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luckytrim 01-11-2019 07:52 AM

Trivia 1/11
trivia 1/11
Before he won his Oscar for portraying Ray Charles in the film, Jamie Foxx
imitated the legend on 'In Living Color' .

1. "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" was a revision of what abolition song?
2. What is the name of the brave little tea cup in the 1991 Disney animated
movie 'Beauty and the Beast'?
3. The word chauvinism now has a completely different meaning than it once
did. To what did it originally refer?
a. - unnecessary fearfulness
b. - unabashed affection
c. - staunch patriotism
d. - extreme stubbornness
4. What word of Sanskrit origin denotes a Hindu monastery or hermitage?
(Hint; Starts with 'A' ...)
5. The world famous Darjeeling, Assam and Munnar brews of the refreshing
beverage of tea originate in which country?
6. What movie star was singer Kenny Chesney married to for only four months?
7. If you travel directly from Liverpool to Dublin, which body of water do
you cross ?
8. Word Play Dept;
I always wanted to be a banker, but then I lost ________.

Al Capone created the concept of the Soup Kitchen.
1. 'John Brown's Body'
2. Chip
3. - c
4. Ashram
5. India
6. Renee Zellweger
7. the Irish Sea
8. Interest

CRAP !! !!
Capone didnít invent it, but he was one of the first to open a soup kitchen to feed the poor during
the Depression. At a time of 25 percent unemployment, Capone's kitchens
served three meals a day to ensure that everyone who had lost a job could
get a meal. Soon, every city and town had a soup kitchen.

Capone did not only open them, but he would go to the soup kitchens and help
serve the meals. These soup kitchens cost Capone thousands of dollars every
day to keep running. It is said that Capone had a soft spot for people who
were struggling.

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