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luckytrim 02-15-2019 09:05 AM

Trivia 2/15
trivia 2/15
The northern hawk owl is able to hear prey as much as 12 inches under the

1. In which song did Peter Gabriel sing, "You could have a steam train, if
you'd just lay down your tracks. You could have an airplane flying, if you
bring your blue sky back. All you do is call me. I'll be anything you
2. In 1934 the world's first quintuplets to survive infancy piqued world
interest in Ontario, Canada. What were they known as?
3. The song, "Happy Days Are Here Again," is associated with the end of ...
what ?
4. On the northern border of Kentucky, Interstate 75 crosses over a major
waterway upon entering Ohio. What is the name of this 981-mile
river that flows through six states in total?
5. What team did Michael Jordan get drafted by?
6. Name the actress who played the role of Lily Munster on 'The
Munsters' ?
7. Strange Words are These ;
A part of a seashore is termed NAUFRAGOUS, meaning it causes... what ?
a. Shipwrecks
b. Whale and Dolphin Beachings
c. Intense Erosion
d. Riptides
8. What's the more common name for Infantile paralysis ?

In 16th century England, unemployment was endemic among the lower classes.
Begging on the street was so common that, in order to alleviate the
situation, the government issued licenses that officially allowed the old,
mentally disturbed and disabled poor to beg, but all other beggars were
subject to public beatings or enslavement.
1. 'Sledgehammer'
2. The Dionne Quintuplets
3. Prohibition
4. the Ohio River
5. Chicago Bulls
6. Yvonne de Carlo
7. - a
8. Polio

Until 1550, unless you were an old, disabled or insane licensed beggar, you
could be enslaved for two years for begging, and if you tried to escape you
were branded and enslaved for the rest of your life.

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