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luckytrim 04-01-2019 06:13 AM

Trivia 4/1
trivia 4/1
The “Sixth sick sheik’s sixth sheep’s sick” is said to be the toughest
tongue twister in the English language.

1. Which actor sang once in a movie, a song called "I Talk to the Trees" ?
Bonus; name the Film...)
2. I've heard friends of Irish descent refer to themselves as either "Green
Irish" or Orange Irish" ;
I wonder, do you know what the difference is ??
3. Who penned 'Sonnets from the Portuguese' ?
4. Who Am I ?
I played Baseball for the Brooklyn Dodgers and Chicago Cubs ; I played
Basketball for the Boston Celtics; I played a widowed rancher with a
teen-aged son in a TV series....
Who am I ?
5. Name That Flick !
Ron Howard and John Wayne starred in this film; Ron received a Golden Globe
nomination(Best Supporting Actor) and the film won the National Board of
Review Award as one of the Top Ten Films of 1976.
6. While Germany was split in two, what was the capital of West Germany?
a. - Bonn
b. - Cologne
c. - Düsseldorf
d. - Essen
7. How thick is a CD ?
a. - .9 mm
b. - 1.0 mm
c. - 1.1 mm
d. - 1.2 mm
8. A "bullock's heart" is a name given to an object that doesn't have
anything to do with bullocks. What type of thing is often called by this

Despite the fact that the heads often fight over food, two-headed snakes
survive in the wild just as well as the one-headed variety.
1. Clint Eastwood, in "Paint Your Wagon"
2. Religion
3. Elizabeth Barrett Browning
4. I am Chuck Connors
5. 'The Shootist'
6. - a
7. - d
8. an Apple

Two-headed snakes are similar to conjoined twins: an embryo begins to split
to create identical twins, but the process does not finish. Such snakes
rarely survive in the wild because the two heads have duplicate senses; they
fight over food, and one head may even try to eat the other head.

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