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luckytrim 08-29-2019 04:13 AM

Trivia 8/29
trivia 8/29
Germans eat about 25 pounds (11.3 kg) of chocolate per citizen each year,
which is twice as much as Americans.

1. What colloquial, two word-term refers to a series of portraits of wanted
2. Idiomatically speaking, How else might one say 'it requires the cardinal
number which is the lowest prime number to engage in a popular Latin
American dance?'
3. By what name would we more easily recognize Maria Sklodowska ?
4. Who wrote "The Red Badge of Courage"?
a. - Stephen Finch
b. - Stephen Crane
c. - Stephen Hawk
d. - Stephen Ibis
5. Do you recall the late Dale Earnhardt's nickname ?
(Hint; The ___________ )
6. Which animal has palmiped feet?
a. - Cat
b. - Camel
c. - Duck
d. - Pig
7. What surname is shared by the authors of "Hard Times" and "One Pair of
8. Who advises Job to curse God?

NECCO Wafers were a favorite sugar treat for the soldiers of the Union Army
during the Civil War.
1. Rogues' gallery
2. It takes two to tango
3. Marie Curie
4. - b
5. The Intimidator
6. - c
7. Dickens
8. His Wife

Necco Wafers date back to 1847. Oliver Chase, an English immigrant, invented
a lozenge cutting machine with which he produced the wafers. At the time of
the Civil War, these were called "hub wafers" and were carried by Union
soldiers. In 1901, Chase and Company merged with two other companies to
incorporate the New England Confectionery Company. By 1912, the wafers were
being advertised as "NECCO Wafers", a name they still carry today.
During World War II the United States government ordered NECCO to produce
its wafers for soldiers overseas. As a result of this action, NECCO saw its
sales of the wafers peak. Upon returning home, many former soldiers became
faithful customers who continued to buy the wafers.

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