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luckytrim 10-16-2019 05:48 AM

Trivia 10/16
trivia 10/16
Retired basketball sensation Michael Jordan makes more money from Nike each
year than all of the Nike factory workers in Malaysia combined.

1. In which grimly titled novel by Charles Dickens does an unscrupulous
solicitor named Tulkinghorn blackmail Lady Dedlock with a secret from her
2. From the 16th through 19th centuries, Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia
made up what well-known geographical area?
3. Picasso had several "periods" over the course of his artistic career.
What was his first called ?
4.Which model/actress was born with the name Eleanor Gow?
a. - Kate Moss
b. - Elle Macpherson
c. - Amber Valletta
d. - Cindy Crawford
5. When the Aswan Dam finished construction on the Nile river in the 1970s
it created a massive reservoir that was named ........... what ?
6. Which songwriter, best known for his hit 'The Lady in Red', is also
father of the 2003 Miss Ireland and Miss World, Rosanna Davison?
7. What are two ways that a team in the National Football League can score
two points in one play?
8. Strange Words are these ;
When a man has JENTACULAR thoughts, what's he thinking of?
a. - Sleeping
b. - Dancing
c. - Eating
d. - Lovemaking

According to Popular Mechanics, sitting in First Class in an airplane
improves chances of accident survival by 40%.
1. 'Bleak House'
2. Barbary Coast
3. Blue Period
4. - b
5. Lake Nasser
6. Chris de Burgh
7. a Safety and a Two-Point conversion after a touchdown
8. - c (Specifically, Breakfast)

....but you knew that !
According to Popular Mechanics, sitting in the tail of an airplane improves
chances of accident survival by 40%.

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