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Chief Longwind Of The North 12-12-2019 05:01 PM

Sandwich Condiments
what are your favorite sandwich condiments, i.e. wbat kinds of mustard, salad dressing, kethup, steak sauce, etc.?

My favorite mustard is Inglehoffer, original, Stone-Ground. It has lots of flavor, and is a combination of spice-brown, and yellow, with lots of mustard seed.

Helman's (Best foods in the west) Real Mayonaise. I enjoy the flavor ballance of this brand better than the others I have tasted. It goes so well with savory dishes.

Hut's Ketchup. We just like its flavor better than the other brands. It's not too spice for DW, and not too sweet for me.

A1 Steak Sauce. I have tried many steak sauces. I detest Hein's Steak Sauce. A1 has just the right ballance of vinager, pepper, and other flavors to enhance the meaty beef flavor. I wouldn't use it on any other domesticated meat, though I might use it on venison.

Lee & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce. Love it to death. My Mom used to purchase Hein's Worcestershire Sauce. I hated it, and so I thought I hated Worcestershire sauce, that is until I tasted Lee & Perins.

Sriracha. Lovely pepper flavor

Frenche's Yellow Mustard for corn dogs.

Either Writ's, or Colgin's Liquid Smoke, mesquite flavor. I'm not crazy about the Hickory, though it's good with pork.

Reese Anchovie Paste - adds that subtle, but complex umami flavor when used sparingly.

BBQ Sauce - must be homeade.

That's all I can think of right now. What are your favorite condiments, and which brands?

Seeeeeya; Chief Longwind of the North

strmanglr scott 12-12-2019 05:29 PM

Mucky Duck mustard.

There's only one, miracle whip, it's the spread with zip. So much better than mayo to me.

Agree, w the Worcestershire L&P

Never got into fine taste on which is better on k&m. I don't use it that much.

Not a fan of sriracha, just a little off to me.

Tabasco is a mainstay to me. It's heat without too much else. I never used to like it. Ate lunch at work w a friend and he kept his own bottle. I said let me get just a little, put it on my meatloaf and mashed potatoes from Bob Evans and I was hooked. I don't like it on everything. I use it with other stuff, like bbq sauce.

I know many people protest, but I love A-1. I tried the Asian pepper flavor and that was tasty as a change.

I have a smoker, I have a hard time using liquid smoke. Although when I was at the restaurant another cook used it in a fish chowder that was tremendous. He was the best maker of soup I've ever known.

Bbq sauce...Sweet Baby Rays, Stubbs. I always make a concoction of bbq sauce. I'll use the two above then add in some Frank's wing sauce and maybe a couple hits of tobacco, maybe a couple chili arbol peppers. I have started making my own from scratch a couple times.

Which leads me to Frank's wing sauce. Gotta have it for wings.

I also keep some soy sauce and teriyaki sauce in the house. Haven't developed a favorite on those yet.

I need to start making my own hot pepper oil.

That pretty much covers it.

taxlady 12-12-2019 08:42 PM

  • Mustard: Dijon, smooth or seedy, and Coleman's dry mustard
  • Mayo: Hellmann's or homemade
  • I don't like ketchup. I sometimes use Heinz chili sauce where other people would use ketchup, but not a big fan of the sweet, red sauce
  • A1 steak sauce is something I almost never use, but we have some. We have some HP Sauce too and I prefer that.
  • Lee & Perrins Worcestershire, yes
  • Sriracha, not a fan. I don't enjoy the flavour. I get various West Indian pepper sauces.
  • Yellow mustard: I can't stand it, but the hubster likes it.
  • I have only ever tried liquid smoke recently and don't use it often I don't remember the brand or wood type.
  • Anchovie paste: I have been happy with any Italian or other Mediterranean anchovy paste. I do make sure that there's only anchovies, salt, and oil (maybe citric acid (?) sometimes) in the ingredient list.
  • Not a big fan of bbq sauce
  • Since sandwiches are mentioned, I would like to add that I like rødkål (Danish red cabbage) on some sandwiches

Whiskadoodle 12-12-2019 09:34 PM

Hellman's mayo. SO likes miracle whip, so we keep both available.
Lea and Perrin's Worcestershire sauce
Heinz catsup, hardly use it, but it's our preferred brand
French's yellow mustard, Dijon mustard coarse and smooth varieties
Famous Dave's original bbq sauce or homemade
Beaver brand hot horseradish
Herdez salsa medium or hot
Valentina's smooth salsa
Tiger sauce, usually mixed with something else
Homemade salsas
A1 steak sauce

I must be forgetting something as the refrigerator door is stuffed to the gills.

pepperhead212 12-12-2019 10:50 PM

I have some cheap yellow mustard for some things, but I add some ground chia seeds to it, to prevent separation - doesn't take much. I hate having vinegar come out of a container of mustard, even after shaking it up!

My favorite brand of mustard is Moutarde De Meaux, and the one I like most is the green peppercorn version. I also have the Cognac and the Fireman's version, my other favorites.

I can't stand any version of mayo, unless I make it, which is seldom. I keep some ketchup in the fridge, but only for recipes. Only keep sriracha for that, too, not as a condiment. I have other condiments that I make myself, but not really for sandwiches.

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