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luckytrim 01-04-2020 07:18 AM

Trivia 1/4
trivia 1/4
Dogs were the first domesticated animal and therefore, most likely, our
human ancestors' first pet. Historians believe the first domesticated dogs
became pets in the Paleolithic Era.

1. If you squeezed all of the islands of Japan together into one landmass,
which of these US states would it be closest in size to?
a. - Montana
b. - Ohio
c. - Rhode Island
d. - New Jersey
2. Name That Rock Band ...Richie Blackmore, Ian Gillian, Roger Glover, and
Ian Paice ...
a. – Chicago
b. – Ten Years After
c. – AC/DC
d. – Deep Purple
3. What is the family name of the Dutch royal family?
4. This drawing toy creates beautiful geometric patterns by tracing points
in circular sets of gears as they roll around inside one another. Under what
name was this timeless toy first marketed by Kenner in the United States in
the 1960s?
5. If I suffer from Celiac Disease, what is my problem ?
6. Can you name two Champion Boxers with the first name of Floyd ?
7. What is the Capitol of Kansas ?
8. Who or what is Pennsylvania named after ?

Famous outlaw John Henry “Doc” Holliday was kicked out of the Pennsylvania
College of Dental Surgery, after beating up another student, his fourth such
incident in two years.
1. - a
2. – d
3. Orange
4. Spirograph
5. Allergic to Gluten
6. Patterson & Mayweather
7. Topeka
8. Admiral Sir William Penn, the father of William Penn (Junior)

Although people may expect Doc Holliday to have been a rowdy student, that
was far from the truth. As a child, Holliday suffered from speech
impediments and a cleft palate. Through corrective surgery and hours of
lessons from his mother, Alice, Holliday recovered from both conditions.
According to historical accounts, Holliday excelled in school. As a
teenager, he attended Valdosta Institute, where we learned rhetoric, math,
and history. He also became fluent in Latin, French, and Ancient Greek. At
age 20, Holliday received his Doctor of Dental Surgery from the Pennsylvania
College of Dental Surgery.
In 1866, his mother,Alice Holliday, died of tuberculosis. Her death greatly
impacted John Holliday, as he and his mother were very close. Three years
later, his father married Rachel Martin, who was eight years older than him.
John Holliday soon left his family to practice dentistry in Missouri and
Sometime in his teenage years, Holliday’s adoptive brother, Francisco, also
died from tuberculosis. Holliday seemed to escape the tragedy when he began
practicing dentistry. However, he soon learned that he suffered from
tuberculosis as well. He was given a few months to live.
After Holliday moved to Dallas, he partnered with a friend of his father,
Dr. John Seegar. The two won various awards for their dental work. Holliday
ended up living far beyond his initial diagnosis, but he suffered from
coughing spells at unlikely times. In the 1870s, his dentist work slowly
However, Holliday discovered another money-making route: gambling. He had
such a knack for gambling that he soon relied on it as his main source of


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