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luckytrim 04-15-2020 07:05 AM

Trivia 4/15
trivia 4/15
The oldest restaurant in continuous service in the United States is Boston's
The Union Oyster House, established in 1826.

1. In what decade were bell bottoms, platform shoes and disco clothing all
2. What is the material that forms in the intestines of a fetus and becomes
the first stools of a newborn called?
a. - Flatus
b. - Meconium
c. - Psammoma
d. - Allopurinol
3. What was VP Dan Quayle's more formal first name ?
4. Name the Company !!
In the 1980s, one could find clerks working at over 4,000 tiny structures
with gold colored, pyramid-shaped roofs in shopping center parking lots.
Their big product draw was overnight service; you could "Drop it off today;
pick up the finished product tomorrow."
5. The very first episode of "Leave It to Beaver", a sitcom from the United
States, was delayed being broadcast. What appeared in the episode that
network censors were initially afraid to air for public viewing?
a. - The parents sharing the same bed
b. - a Toilet
c. Cleavage
d. All of these
6. Philly is famous for its Cheesesteaks, Trenton for its Pork Roll,
Chicago, Deep Dish Pizza : What about Baltimore ?
7. Guadalcanal was the scene of some of the fiercest fighting in the
Pacific. In which group of islands is Guadalcanal found?
a. - Ogasawara Archipelago
b. - Ryukyu (Nansei) Islands
c. - Philippines
d. - Solomons
8. What spirit is in a Tom Collins ?

Kansas city, St. Louis and Louisville are cities that grew and expanded
across the river into another state.
1. the 1970's
2. - b
3. Danforth
4. Fotomat
5. - b
6. Crab Cakes
7. - d
8. Gin

There are two cities named Kansas city ; Kansas City, Missouri was
incorporated in 1852, and Kansas City, Kansas was incorporated 20 years
later. Kansas City is not a bi-state city, it is two separate cities that
share a border.

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