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luckytrim 04-30-2020 07:47 AM

Trivia 4/30
trivia 4/30
Amish men take about 18,425 steps per day. Amish women take about 14,196.
The average American adult takes about 4,000 steps per day. Only 4% of Amish
are obese, compared to 31% of the general population.

1. Who Am I ?
I was once a famous silent-screen actor. I mentored Charlie Chaplin and
discovered Buster Keaton and Bob Hope. I was one of the most popular silent
stars of the 1910's and one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. I was
charged with manslaughter on Sept 5th, 1921 in San Francisco. Who am I?
(Hint ; R_____ "F____" A_______ )
2. What is the nickname given to the workers who work on a drilling rig
drill floor?
3. What is the name of the only large landmass (super continent) to be found
in the Triassic, before breaking up during the Jurassic period?
a. - Gondwana
b. - Pangea
c. - Laurasia
d. - Ur
4. The lingua is the technical term for which bodily part?
5. What nation detonated the most powerful nuclear weapon during the Cold
War era?
a. - USA
b. - Soviet Union
c. - China
d. - Israel
6. What did the National Football League celebrate in 2019?
a. - 25th Season
b. - 50th Season
c. - 75th Season
d. - 100th Season
7. In the 'Nancy Drew' series by Carolyn Keene, what is the name of Nancy's
a. - Dan Dickerson
b. - Bobby Bickerson
c. - Ned Nickerson
d. - Wally Wickerson
8. Two men were convicted of the Oklahoma City bombing on 19th April 1995;
name them ...

For the majority of people, the length of the foot is equal to the length of
the forearm.
1. I am Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle
2. Roughnecks
3. - b
4. the Tongue
5. - b
6. - d
7. - c
8. Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols

Yes, this is true ! Try it !
Our bodies are amazing! They are full of mysteries and surprising facts such
as this one: Did you know that you are about a centimeter taller in the
morning, when you have just woken up after hours of lying down, than you are
in the evening?
Another example of a human body ratio is a person's arm span—the distance
from the middle fingertip of the left hand to that of the right hand when
stretching out both arms horizontally—to their height. This ratio is
approximately a one to one ratio, meaning that a person’s arm span is about
equal to their height.

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