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Roll_Bones 05-19-2020 10:36 AM

Now What?......LOL
I have a working sourdough starter. Its very active and I am ready to bake some bread with it. Actually I have been ready for some time now.
I have found many recipes and I cannot pick something and just make it.
I guess its because they seem so difficult.
So many steps.
I am more than happy to wait, but all the rests, folding and folding again have me worn out before I even start.
Anyone have a good simple sourdough bread recipe? I have everything to make it with.
Thanks John

Chief Longwind Of The North 05-19-2020 10:58 AM

COMBINE 1 CUP FLOR, 1/2CUP WATER, 2 TBS. SOURDOUGH starter in a large bowl. Cover and let rise fot 1 hour. Add 1 more cup of flour, 1/2 cup cooking oil, or butter, 1 tsp.salt. inead until all ingrediemts are combined. Cover and refrigerate overnight. No kneading is required. Punch the dough down and place into a greased loaf pan. Let rise at room temp for an hour. Bake in a preheated 375 degree oven for 40 minutes. When the time has elapsed, remove the nread from the oven. Gently tap the loaf top. It should sound hollow. Remove the bread to a cooling rack, and brush with butter. Let cool for an hour before slicing, or packaging.

Seeeeya; Chief Longwind of the North

Sir_Loin_of_Beef 05-19-2020 12:09 PM

I have never, ever seen sourdough bread baked in a bread pan. It's always shaped into either a long loaf or a round loaf after the first rise, then baked free form after the second rise.

https://cdn.nexternal.com/boudin/ima...20200x2005.jpg https://cdn.nexternal.com/boudin/imag...up_200x200.jpg

Photos courtesy of BoudinSF sourdough bakery

Roll_Bones 05-19-2020 12:34 PM

Thanks Chief. Sounds simple enough to me. Appreciate. Does this produce a crusty loaf? Or more like a regular loaf of bread?
I do have a pizza stone.

Sir Loin. Thanks. I have only read and watched videos about baking a round sourdough in a cast iron ceramic coated dutch oven with the lid on. Most recipes/instructions use this method with lid for the crusty texture?
I'm not sure about anything.
Do you have a recipe/instructions I can borrow?

I have a starter out and ready. If I feed it again it will need about 4 hours to double. Its quite active I must say.

Chief Longwind Of The North 05-20-2020 01:05 AM

A crusty loaf is obtained by spritzing the dough with water when you first put the dough into the oven, and puting an oven-safe pan of water in the oven while the bread is baking. It sounds all wrong, but works.

Seeeeya; Chief Longwind of the North

Roll_Bones 05-20-2020 10:20 AM

Thanks Chief. Appreciate the dough recipe. Yesterday I was looking at the multitude of bread ideas including rolls.
Seems I could make the dough (Most instructions are very similar) then do with the dough as I decide?
I could make your dough for example, then decide if I want rolls, crusty loaves or regular loaf bread?
I want to make sourdough somewhat easy.
It seems its not and I may have bit off more than I can chew........LOL

It is a job making the starter and keeping the starter. Then you must have insight as to when you will bake. Then you have to decide what to bake and how to bake it.
Now that yeast is available, sourdough bread has become a project/hobby. Not a necessity.
None the less, I am not quitting.
I hope friends and family want bread and rolls, because they are coming!

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