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luckytrim 05-26-2020 07:41 AM

Trivia 5/26
trivia 5/26
The U.S. Marines suffered over 20,000 casualties during the assault on Iwo
Jima during WWII.

1. Which is the Odd One Out, and why ?
a. - Vichyssoise
b. - Minestrone
c. - Menudo
d. - Tom Yum
2.Which of these authors has won the Nobel Prize for Literature?
a. - Norman Mailer
b. - Barbara Cartland
c. - George Orwell
d. - Saul Bellow
3. Mars has two satellites ; name them...
4. Delaware was the first State to ratify the Constitution : which was the
second ?
(Bonus ; which of these was the ninth of the thirteen to do so, making the
Constitution the law of the land ?)
a. - New York
b. - New Hampshire
c. - Maryland
d. - Pennsylvania
5. What's the more common name for your corpuscles ?
6. What is the anatomical term for the big toe of a human being?
7. Who was the Greek goddess of revenge?
(Hint ; Starts with N...)
8. Which celebrated English explorer, poet and courtier performed an
extraordinary act of gallantry when he laid his own cloak over a muddy
puddle so that queen Elizabeth I would not have to dirty her shoes by wading
through it?

If it were possible to line up all of the other planets, side by side, they
would fit between the Earth and the Moon.
1. - a (It's the only Cold soup)
2. - d
3. Phobos and Deimos
4. - d ( b )
5. Blood Cells
6. hallux
7. Nemesis
8. Walter Raleigh

Sometimes, understanding how large our universe is (or the objects that
inhabit it are) is a little tough. This is because space operates on a scale
that we humans have a hard time wrapping our heads around. For this edition
of “Wow, our solar system is a big place,” we turn our attention to the
Earth-Moon system.

if you take the average diameters of all the planets and add them up, you
get some 236,120 miles (380,000 kilometers). There is a little question
about the exact figure, but it is a small figure, so in this case, it doesn’t
factor in. At apogee, which is when the Moon is farthest from the Earth,
the distance between the two objects is about 252,300 miles (406,000 km).
Now, you will need to subtract the radius of each, as we need the other
planets to fit in between the Earth and Moon. This give us about 247,306
miles (398,000 km) surface-to-surface. That leaves enough room to fit all
the planets in.

In fact, if you look at these numbers, you could fit the following between
the Earth and the Moon:

Mercury 78 times
Venus 31 times
Mars 56 times
Jupiter 2 times (2.7 to be exact)
Saturn 3 times
Uranus 7 times
Neptune 7 times

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