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ryanewing76 09-24-2020 06:10 PM

First time pressure canning
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I just pressure canned for the first time. I made a family recipe, a green bean and beef stew in a red sauce. I did blanch the green beans, and browned the stew meat before filling the jars with a half inch headspace. I processed for 90 minutes at 11 lb of pressure or above, as I filled a number of quart jars and a few pint. It seems a lot of liquid leached out of the jars. All jars now have an inch or more of headspace, the water in the canner was very red, but all the jars seem to have sealed. What I don't understand is how they sealed if so much liquid leached out, wouldn't that red sauce ruin the seal? If all the buttons are down, are these shelf stable, and ok to eat?

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