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luckytrim 01-22-2021 08:38 AM

Trivia 1/22
trivia 1/22
If people who normally had low fiber suddenly doubled their intake, they
could lower their risk of colon cancer by 40%.

1. Who Said That ??
'You are either part of the solution or part of the problem.'
a. - Martin Luther King, Jr.
b. - Marcus Garvey
c. - Eldridge Cleaver
d. - Malcolm X
2.Which of these wrote the oft-quoted couplet, "Oh what a tangled web we
weave, when first we practice to deceive"?
a. - Thomas Hardy
b. - Rudyard Kipling
c. - Sir Walter Scott
d. - William Shakespeare
3. On 'Seinfeld' , what was Kramer's first name ?
4. In what film would I find Chevy Chase playing a character named 'Dusty
Bottoms' ?
(Hint; the two 'Martins' would know ...)
5. Which "one hit wonder" charted with the single "I Had Too Much To Dream
(Last Night)"?
a. - Moby Grape
b. - Tangerine Dream
c. - The Electric Prunes
d. - Strawberry Alarm Clock
6. Who Am I ??
I, Louise Hovick, called myself an intellectual stripper. I was clever,
amusing and savvy, not classically beautiful or built, and an activist and
philanthropist. I was close with both mobsters and celebrities, beloved by
many including First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, and I had a son by film
director Otto Preminger. Interestingly, I rarely bared much skin. Who Am I
a. - Ann Corio
b. - Gypsy Rose Lee
c. - Blaze Starr
d. - Lili St. Cyr
7. The only planet that has a day longer than its year is.....
a. - Mercury
b. - Venus
c. - Uranus
d. - Neptune
8. How many pecks are in a bushel?

The very first ‘Soup Kitchen’ was established in New York City by Mayor
Fiorello La Guardia .
1. - c
2. - d
3. Cosmo
4. 'The Three Amigos'
5. - c
6. - B
7. - b
8. - 4

It was Al Capone who funded the very first soup kitchen in Chicago,
providing basic sustenance to anything up to 3000 people a day. It is
thought that he wanted to both repair his public image in the aftermath of
the St. Valentines Day Massacre, and also to "keep people sweet" who might
be tempted to turn police informant in exchange for a reward.

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