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corazon 01-01-2006 03:15 AM

Happy Birthday Kadesma!
Let me be the first to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY KADESMA!!!
I hope your day is filled with smiles and kisses from your Grandsons! Have a wonderful day. You deserve the best!

Barbara L 01-01-2006 03:53 AM

Happy Birthday Kadesma!! I hope this is a great one!

:smile: Barbara

licia 01-01-2006 04:47 AM

Hope you have a wonderful birthday and an even better year. I'm sure those grandsons will make it a great one.

urmaniac13 01-01-2006 07:40 AM

https://www.discusscooking.com/attach...587e82c919.gifYey, CJ!! So you get to have a double celebration on the new years!! Woo hoo!! I hope you have an extra special day with your lovely kids, and enjoy your prime rib dinner!! (what did you end up making for a dessert?)
Happy Birthday!!

mudbug 01-01-2006 09:30 AM

Happy birthday, kadesma! What a nice way to begin the new year.

shannon in KS 01-01-2006 10:00 AM

Have a wonderful birthday!!!

texasgirl 01-01-2006 10:19 AM

Happy Birthday sweet lady!! I hope you have a wonderful day with lots of love!!

Jikoni 01-01-2006 10:43 AM

Happy birthday Kadesma. You get to celebrate your birthday and the new year? Sounds great. Enjoy the day.:smile:

Piccolina 01-01-2006 11:07 AM

Happiest of birthdays Kadesma!
You are such a wonderful person,
I hope that the year ahead brings you tons
of happiness and wonderful things!

jkath 01-01-2006 12:05 PM

The Very Best of Wishes
To a Wonderful Lady!
Enjoy your Special Day!

callie 01-01-2006 12:41 PM


Happy Birthday, kadesma!!

kadesma 01-01-2006 02:08 PM

Thanks you so much for the birthday wishes..It means a lot to me. I've enjoyed each minute I spend here with you..Good friends, all very special to me,each in your own way...Thank you again, you've made my day special.

hugs to all,
Licia, didn't have to make dessert, kids are bringing birthday cake:lol: I just get to cook the dinner:rofl:

pdswife 01-01-2006 02:12 PM

Happy birthday to one of my favorite people!
Have a blast today and spend lots of it doing nice things for YOU!

Happy Birthday!

mish 01-01-2006 03:31 PM


For the gal who puts the HAPPY in Happy Birthday. :smile:

& many more!



SierraCook 01-01-2006 04:08 PM

Happy Birthday, cj!! Don't forget to take some time for yourself today. I hope that you have a wonderful day.

Alix 01-01-2006 05:45 PM

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope your day is wonderful and that this year brings you much joy.

Constance 01-01-2006 06:30 PM

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Happy Birthday, Kadesma! My grandson, Jesse, turned 8 years old today. Looks like Jan 1 is a good day for birthdays.

Best Wishes...Connie

kadesma 01-01-2006 06:41 PM

Thank you again everyone..You've all made me feel very special today..But, then, you do that all the time :smile:


kadesma 01-01-2006 06:43 PM

please wish Jesse a Happy Birthday for me..How nice to have company on our birthdays:smile:


Dina 01-01-2006 07:07 PM

Happy Birthday Kadesma! Enjoy your day.

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