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luckytrim 02-25-2006 08:51 AM

Saturday special- Jeopardy
Saturday special- Jeopardy

Did you know.

In 1817, the first bicycle was built. Designed to support a walking person,
it had wheels and a seat. Fifty years later, foot pedals were introduced. A
bell and streamers were added later.

JEOPARDY- tiny things
1. ($200) these tiny grains are what bees collect from flowers..
2. ($600) access time on hard drives isn't measured in minutes, but in these
units abbreviated ms..
3. ($1000) not red or white, the platelets, the smallest of these cells are
important in clotting..
DOUBLE JEOPARDY- mythic ladies
4. ($400) the name of this woman, who allowed all kinds of evil into the
world, means "gift of the gods"..
5. ($1200) she served as the goddess of Greek cities and was also called
perthenos, or "the maiden"..
6. ($2000) hippolyta, queen of these women warriors, had her marvelous
girdle taken by Hercules..
FINAL JEOPARDY- foreign cooking
bourgeois, a Greek specialty, consists of meat or vegetables wrapped in this
pastry dough..
1. what is pollen?
2. what are milliseconds?
3. what are blood cells?
4. who is Pandora?
5. who is Athena?
6. who are the Amazon?
7. what is phyllo?

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