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kadesma 09-30-2006 03:23 AM

Happy Birthday Goodweed
Happy Birthday Goodweed,
enjoy your special day.

cara 09-30-2006 04:05 AM

have a very happy birthday and enjoy YOUR day!

Snoop Puss 09-30-2006 04:57 AM

Most definitely - happy birthday.

VeraBlue 09-30-2006 06:36 AM

I hope you enjoy your special day and have a wonderfully healthy and happy birthday year.

crewsk 09-30-2006 07:13 AM

I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

bethzaring 09-30-2006 07:15 AM

hey fella, hope someone makes you some pancakes this morning! Have a Happy Birthday!

VickiQ 09-30-2006 07:36 AM

Goodweed- Happy Birthday and best wishes for lots lof love and energy, Vicki

amber 09-30-2006 07:55 AM

Happy Birthday Goodweed :smile:

Anne 09-30-2006 07:56 AM

Happy Birthday, Goodweed!


buckytom 09-30-2006 09:11 AM

happy birthday g-dubya!!!!

as much as i like to tease you, you're one of the most fun people here; always with a good story, a helpful hint, a bit of advice...then i skip a few pages of what you wrote... and of course, always a great recipe or two. (just kidding about the skipping. :smile: i actually look for your posts for good reading)

anyway, a great guy like you deserves all the best on your birthday. here's hoping you get it tenfold!

Constance 09-30-2006 10:30 AM

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I hope you have a great birthday, Weed. How many candles on your cake?

GB 09-30-2006 10:42 AM

Happy Birthday Goodweed! I hope you have a great one!

pdswife 09-30-2006 11:21 AM

b-day! ENJOY!!

sattie 09-30-2006 11:34 AM

I hope it is a great day for you, best wishes!

Chief Longwind Of The North 09-30-2006 11:45 AM

All right. Is everbody sitting down? 'Cause I'm going to do something really different in this post. I'm going to get it done in less than 100 words!:lol: I have to. If I were to list all the great people here who are such good freinds, then I'd be typing for 2 days.

This site has the best people on the planet:mrgreen:. Thanks everyone. You make my life richer for knowing you.

Seeeeeeya; Goodweed of the North. 79 words!:rofl:

kitchenelf 09-30-2006 12:28 PM

Happy Birthday Goodweed!!!!!!!!!! I hope you get everything you want!!!!!

Alix 09-30-2006 12:32 PM

Woohoo! Happy Birthday Goodweed! Don't eat too much cheesecake or you will have to spend extra time on the treadmill to get your sugars leveled out! Have a wonderful year!

corazon 09-30-2006 01:29 PM

Have a wonderful birthday Goodweed! Here's to a great guy!

Andy M. 09-30-2006 01:48 PM

Happy birthday, GW.

TATTRAT 09-30-2006 01:58 PM

Happy Birthday!

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