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YT2095 12-07-2006 11:51 AM

Anyone eating today 12/7/06?
wow, 10 to 5 and no dinner menu yet!

so what`s on your plate today?

Tonight I`m doing a Thai Chicken stir-fry, haven`t decided on the carbs (if any) to go with it though.

urmaniac13 12-07-2006 12:04 PM

Getting a bit chilly... nice evening for a hearty dish of polenta.
I made a sugo with crumbled sausage, mushrooms and bell pepper.
We may open a bottle of lambrusco, too... they are perfect companion for this dish:smile:

boufa06 12-07-2006 01:08 PM

I cooked Japanese Chicken Curry Katsu with homemade curry roux for the first time. It took quite an effort to do it especially when I had to do a fresh batch of garam masala but it turned out very well. We had plain rice with it.

Alix 12-07-2006 01:12 PM

I'm the first N. American to post here. Weird. OK, we are going to have a chicken dish tonight. We've had homemade pizza and dry garlic ribs and pork steaks already this week so chicken it is. I just need to decide what variety to make. I'm going to use up some rice that is leftover in the fridge, so something that will work with that.

goboenomo 12-07-2006 01:16 PM

I feel like stroganoff today.
But that's not up to me. My mom makes dinner, and I have to eat it.
Maybe it'll be my midnight snack :D

LEFSElover 12-07-2006 02:31 PM

No cooking going on for me. Am in NYC now but later, I'll be in Seattle.
I'll eat something when I get to my hotel, I thinking fish of some kind and maybe a glass of a good red wine to warm the cockles of my heart on a cold night, since DH is in California:sad:

shpj4 12-07-2006 02:40 PM

I am going to have broiled chicken with mashed potatoes and carrots and a glass of red wine.

PA Baker 12-07-2006 02:51 PM

I'm making pizza with roasted peppers and spinach.

Urmaniac, I wish I'd be eating at your home, though--that sounds wonderful!

Alix, if you want something easy, how about Speedy Mexican Chicken? I always serve it with rice of some sort.

Just place skinless boneless chicken breasts in a baking dish and top with an equal mixture of salsa and sour cream (I usually use 1 cup of each for 4 breasts). Top with cheese and bake uncovered until done, usually about 30-45 minutes if cooked at 350F.

Alix 12-07-2006 02:59 PM

PA, I love you. I suspect you eat nearly as much chicken as we do. We are going to have to trade recipes someday. Til then, thanks for the tip!

PA Baker 12-07-2006 03:03 PM

Love you too, Alix!:smile: Yes, if we ate any more chickens we'd grow feathers!:rolleyes: I think the original recipe (which has been long gone and modified) called for topping with black olives if you like them.

Alix 12-07-2006 03:06 PM

I do, but no one else in the house much cares for them. I believe Ken describes them as tasting "like weatherstripping". LOL!!

amber 12-07-2006 03:53 PM

I'm making eggplant parmesan for myself, and a chicken curry for my husband.

Alix 12-07-2006 03:58 PM

Chicken update. Going to make Allen's Bourbon Street Chicken.

Flourgirl 12-07-2006 05:40 PM

DH is working late and picking up drive thru for dinner then going back to the office to eat it. So, no cooking for me. My little on is having cereal and I'm going to open a box of Whitman's Samplers we were saving for Christmas. Oh well, it's an evening of watching Spongebob on tv and eating assorted chocolates on the couch.

mudbug 12-07-2006 05:44 PM

I feel your pain, Flourgirl.

We are having ravioli (not homemade) and some salad.

Constance 12-07-2006 06:23 PM

I kinda like Spongebob, Flourgirl.

I'm making a meatloaf...been craving one for quite a while. If I have enough get up and go, I may make some mac & cheese to go with.

FraidKnot 12-07-2006 06:39 PM

Fraidy's Dinner Dec. 7, 2006
Bean with bacon soup and a toasted thinly sliced ham & cheese (toasted/grilled) sandwich on wheat bread. :chef:

It's brrrrrrrreth outside! Soup weather. It's supposed to get down to about 12F tonight! :eek:


JohnL 12-07-2006 06:50 PM

A friend gave me 10lbs of dried pinto beans the other day, so I'm cooking pintos with onion, garlic, celery, bell pepper, diced bacon, ham hock, mushrooms, thyme, cumin, black pepper, cayenne pepper sauce and sugar. When its finished I'll serve it with venison chile that my sis's boyfriend made.

VeraBlue 12-07-2006 06:50 PM

I've been home for two days with bronchitis and am completely bored out of my mind!!! Even though the doctor said stay home till Monday, there's no way I can sit around here another day!...that, plus I have a party for 200 tomorrow afternoon.

So, I cooked tonight!

I made brisket the way my mother in law made it. Cooked the potatoes in the broth, added a side of homemade applesauce and big chunks of french bread for dipping.

I gotta get back to work.

I just ate a pop tart:sad:

bullseye 12-07-2006 08:51 PM

Lots of leftover beef roast, so French Dip (but with added bleu cheese) sandwiches w/ broccolli rabe and garlic.

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