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goodgiver 12-16-2006 09:37 AM

Does anyone here have a recipe for some kind of savory pumpkin dish?

YT2095 12-16-2006 11:39 AM

yes and no, if it`s a large pumpkin then no, if it`s a reasonable size you can cut it in half (top to bottom cut) and scoop out all the seeds (you can cook those too if you like), that will leave you with 2 Bowls.
score the inside of each bowl with a sharp knife and rub salt in, then leave to stand for half hour. during this time chop up a large onion a few chilis a couple of bell peppers and add 2 pound of minced Lamb, some ground black pepper, fenugreek leaves and a little salt, then cook this on the stove at a medium heat until the onions are translucent and the lamb is cooked, while that cooking you should have a cup and half of rice to soak.

the pumpkin bowls will have liquid in the bottom of them now, pour this off.

let you lamb mix cool now and add the soaked rice and mix well.
then stuff into the drained pumpkin bowls, a liberal sprinkle of tobasco and a layer of cheese then double wrap each bowl in tin foil (shiny side inwards) then put on a roasting tray in the oven for 2 hours on a medium heat.

serve with the foil on but place each half in a bowl then on a plate, warn the consumer to open carefully because of the steam released.

you`ll see why you didn`t precook the rice if you`ve done it correctly :)

boufa06 12-16-2006 01:18 PM

goodgiver, you can make pumpkin and cheese pie. Here is the recipe that I posted some time ago.

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