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kadesma 02-03-2007 03:06 AM

Happy Birthday Big Dog 2/3
Happy Birthday Big Dog,
have a wonderful day.


Maidrite 02-03-2007 04:05 AM

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Have a BIG DAY :cool: BIG DOG and Happy Birthday too you ! Ah heck just have a "MAIDRITE DAY" :wink:

bethzaring 02-03-2007 09:32 AM

hey Big Dog, have a Happy Birthday, (and thanks for the weather update:tongue: )

MJ 02-03-2007 09:38 AM

Hapy Birthday Dog! Stay warm today buddy.

BigDog 02-03-2007 10:02 AM

Hey, all, thank's a million!

Sadly, I'm getting over some sort of bug, and Mrs. Big Dog is in battle with one as well. Planning on just laying low for the most part. Gotta help a neighbor for about an hour, but that's it.

mudbug 02-03-2007 10:04 AM

No fair that you have to be sick on your birthday, Big! Happy birthday wishes and both of you get well soon.

Constance 02-03-2007 10:51 AM

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It's a bummer to be sick on your birthday...I suggest you take a hint from another Big Dog...and have a happy one!

Katie H 02-03-2007 10:56 AM

Happy, warm, feelin' better birthday! Just stay warm, lay low and keep the fire stoked!!:smile::smile:

urmaniac13 02-03-2007 11:11 AM

https://www.discusscooking.com/attach...330deff6f4.jpg Happy Birthday Bigdog!! Hope you are feeling better and enjoying a very special day my friend, tanti auguri!!:flowers:

BigDog 02-03-2007 11:23 AM

The circle of friends here is wonderful. Thank you very much!

buckytom 02-03-2007 12:03 PM

happy birthday dog!

hope you feel better, and get a big bone.

jkath 02-03-2007 12:10 PM

Happy Birthday,

Big Dog!!

SizzlininIN 02-03-2007 12:11 PM

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Happy Birthday!

corazon 02-03-2007 12:53 PM

Happy Birthday BigDog! Glad to see you!
Have a great and relaxing day!

BigDog 02-03-2007 12:57 PM

Thank you!

I forgot, Caribou Coffee gives a free drink coupon to people on their birthday. Here's how much I love Caribou Coffee. It is 9 below with a 31 below wind chill, and I am still gonna go get it! That's my only purpose to going out now. I cancelled with the neighbor cuz it is too cold, plus were not feeling well!

Crazy? Me? . . . . . . hee hee hee . . . . . yeah. You're just figuring that out?

kitchenelf 02-03-2007 03:40 PM

Michelemarie 02-03-2007 11:07 PM

Happy Birthday Big Dog! Enjoy your coffee!

JoAnn L. 02-03-2007 11:56 PM

Wishing you a very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope it is warmer where you are , right now we have 12 below zero.Brrr. :eek:

BigDog 02-04-2007 09:08 AM


Originally Posted by JoAnn L.
Wishing you a very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope it is warmer where you are , right now we have 12 below zero.Brrr. :eek:

I'm north of you, girl. T'aint warmer, that's for sure!

Thanks all. T'was a fairly restful day. A neighbor made me a cake from scratch, and it is wonderful. A very nice gesture.

GB 02-04-2007 10:25 AM

Darn I missed another one. I missed another one. Happy Birthday man!!! I hope you are feeling better.

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