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Andy M. 08-30-2007 12:51 PM


Originally Posted by BBQ'd Dude (Post 476640)
Yeah they are nice, inexpensive also.

They are called bear claws. They normally run around $10 US. However online shipping was killing me so I picked up a set at a BBQ competition I was judging at last year.

Absolutely love them.

Take care,


Thanks, 'Dude. I found them online as Bear Paws. You're right, the shipping s a killer for a low cost item. I think I'll check around here first.

keltin 08-30-2007 01:07 PM


Originally Posted by BBQ'd Dude (Post 476623)
Keltin nailed it on the head!!!

I only could affored to by a used one, I got a steal. I gt the large model, the cypress table, and the cover. Normally that is around $1200.00 and up. Mine was used twice, got it for $350.00.

I felt guilty :angel:.

You paid 350 for all of that....thatís it?!?!?! You should feel guilty. For penance that will be 6 Hail Marys, 5 Our Fathers, give.me.the.egg, 4 hours volunteering at the animal shelter, and 20 hours of community service! :rofl:

Man, I am suffering from some serious grill envy here!:mrgreen:

There was a guy at work selling a medium BGE with nest and side tables for 350 last month. He had posted it in the online classified sections on our intranet. Itís regularly $699 for just the egg and the nest and tables cost extra. I was torn since I really want the large version, but after an hour of debate, I figured a medium egg was better than no egg, so I called the guy and it was already sold!

He said he sold it in 15 minutes after posting the ad. Argh!

And those pork pullers are pretty cool. I bet theyíd give Wolverine (X-Men) a run for his money in a street fight. Iíve got to get a pair!

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