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mbasiszta 04-21-2008 12:51 PM


Originally Posted by JillBurgh (Post 591145)
Pressure cookers are nice, too. The first thing I made in mine was a 5 lb pork roast. Took 24 minutes to cook and pulled apart with a fork. Gave it a nice dry-rub the night before and browned it right in the cooker. Not as fantastic as slow cooking it over smoke, but the extended family is already making requests for a repeat-pressure-cooker performance!

I agree with you and Allen too. Crockpots and Pressure cookers definitely have their place. I use them both for certain things. When I had my last outdoor, full barbecue, smoker and grill setup, I loved to cook that way. Outside under a lovely sky, next to my swimming pool. Nothing better.

Now I am living in a condominium most of the time, so outdoor cooking has a different meaning. I do have two separate balconies. On one I am set up for smoking and Weber stuff. On the other I have a larger gas BBQ grill, on which I mostly cook with the lids wide open.

I love it all. I just love to cook. My wife is a willing guinea pig, so we are both lucky for my love of making lots of good and always different kinds of food. This is a passion I know I share with most of the members of this wonderful group. Thanks a bunch to whoever set it up.:chef:

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