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tdiprincess 02-05-2008 06:25 PM

Roasted chicken pasta dish ideas??
ok so I'm making dinner on Sunday night. I'm going to roast a chicken in the morning and the mate it with a pasta dish.
I was thinking of going Asian but would like some wine in it. Ideas for the Asian venture. I have ramen noodles, sesame seeds, sesame oil
I haven't gone shopping yet so I can kinda run with any idea.
Thank you! :smile:

GotGarlic 02-06-2008 05:02 PM

I think this belongs in the "I have these ingredients ..." forum, but here goes :smile:

Chicken Lo Mein would be good. Here's a basic recipe: Chicken Lo Mein - Chinese Noodle Recipes - a Recipe for Chicken Lo Mein

This is the kind of recipe where you can add or substitute your favorite stir-fry vegetables; just cut them all to the same size, so they cook evenly, and start with the most dense veggies.

Since you want to cook the chicken in advance, you might want to toss the cut-up chicken with some soy sauce and sesame oil, to add some flavor. HTH.

tdiprincess 02-07-2008 01:47 PM

Thanks I think I'll use the marinating ingredients as the seasonings to roast the chicken.
and maybe even add some of the sauce ingredients to infuse the chicken with the flavor.
then I'll skip the cooking part for the chicken and just do the veggies and noodles. Toward the end I'll add the chicken so that its all heated up and yummy...
Thanks for the idea.

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