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PastaKing 03-04-2008 01:15 AM

Restaurant Feedback
I have an idea for a take out/ sit yourself Pasta House. I would have a simple menu, but lots of diffrent pasta dishes, along with salads and sandwiches.

Good idea? Bad idea? Let me know.:smile:

LPBeier 03-04-2008 04:10 PM

Umberto Mengi, a renowned Italian chef here in British Columbia, has several high class restaurants. About 15 years ago he decided to devercify by opening a chain of "fast food" Pasta places. It was cafeteria or food fair style and you could pick and choose your pasta, sauce, accompaniments, etc. They had tables and chairs or you could take it out. They were very successful for awhile, and then just dropped out of site one by one.

At the same time, there are several pizza chains opening up where you go in and order your pizza the way you want and take it home to bake and eat. These are quite popular.

I think you have to look at your target market, and even survey people in the area for their reactions.

A good place to start might be to try in a Mall Food Fair and then if it takes off, move to your own location.

This is only my two cents, for what it is worth.

auntdot 03-04-2008 04:27 PM

I don't know where you are but we have for years had pizza and pasta places that you could order and take out or grab a table and eat. The pasta is generally spaghetti, lasagna, baked ziti, ravioli, that sort of thing. They also serve sandwiches, like meatball sandwiches, veal parm sandwiches, that kind of dish and calzones. The food is basically pretty good.

Have never seen a fast food pasta place sans pizza and calzones however.

It might work.

Could be a lunch type place, lunch size pasta plates, salad, sandwiches or you could be going for the lunch and dinner take out crowd.

Make sure you have a good business plan and have thought it out well.

I wish you luck.

We almost never go to them. We like to sit down, have a drink, and let someone serve us. We go out for a bit of relaxation.

darlenemt08 03-04-2008 05:22 PM

It is a good idea but I agree that you need to look around your area to see if it'd be a good place to have a pasta/sandwich/salad restaurant. The dine-in/take-out part is great.

I like eating at such places on occasion. Here in the Midwest, there's such a place called Mr. Goodcents Subs & Pastas. It serves subs, pastas, soups, & salads along with a few side items. They also have cookies & a brownie for dessert. The food is really good. It sure beats eating at a grease-smelling fast-food place.


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