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Fiona 03-25-2008 03:59 AM

Paris Snack Show

I visited the European Sandwich & Snack Show in PAris last week & it was really interesting with a mixture of good and bad, as probably expected.

The big UK supermarkets were there, but sadly no reps to chat about their produts and developments.

The huge trend was ready to eat roasted veg, with some scrummie ones which I would happily pass as my own!! - great for cheats recipes, which I hope to recipe develop and add to my homepage soon. Also came across a custard without dairy products - a good alternative for allergy sufferers. I think, for me though, the most interesting product was a new drink - Gingerccino. A hot ginger & fruit based frothy drink. Couldn't drink it all day, but amazingly refreshing with a very proud inventor to chat to.....Its the Chocolate Show in a couple of weeks time- really looking forward to visiting that one!!!

Bilby 03-25-2008 09:37 AM

The ginger drink sounds interesting - always looking for a refreshing alternative. We could do with better quality roasted veges than are currently available here. Ones that actually taste like vegetables would be a good place to start!!

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