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Bilby 05-01-2008 08:17 AM

TNT Roasted Asparagus
Snap woody ends off stalks of asparagus and trim slightly for an angled end. Rinse, pat dry and place on baking sheet, or a similar metal tray that suits the quantity of asparagus. (The sheet should have a slight edge to it.) Lightly drizzle some balsamic vinegar over spears, and then top with large-ish blobs of butter. Sprinkle the asparagus with some sea salt (the grains are necessary as well as the flavour) and some sugar.

Bake in a hot oven for 8 to 10 minutes. When cooked enough (the edges of the spears should look caramelised), roll the asparagus through the juices.

To serve, sprinkle with some extra sea salt and some of the juices.

Loprraine 05-01-2008 08:48 AM

Love roasted asparagus. Thanks!

GotGarlic 05-01-2008 08:51 AM

Sounds like a nice change from the way we usually do it - drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with coarse salt and pepper, roast at 400*F for 8-10 minutes, and drizzle with fresh lemon juice as soon as it comes out. I'll try your recipe next time we have asparagus :smile: Thanks.

pacanis 05-01-2008 08:56 AM

Hmmm, sugar. I'll bet that's tasty.
Will have to try. Thanks

Bilby 05-01-2008 08:58 AM

And I'll try yours! I like asparagus in a mustard vinaigrette which has all of the ingredients you listed (I think!) plus white wine vinegar and mustard, so should enjoy yours too GG.

The balsamic and the sugar make this nice and caramel-y. Those who don't enjoy asparagus usually like this one.

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