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Quadlex 06-03-2008 11:18 PM

Nan's birthday lunch
My family have been invited to a birthday on my Nan's wedding, but due to the small size of the wedding, Nan and I are not going. So I'm going to hold a lunch for her and her friends, as a gift for her.

Now, Nan is 89, and being an 89 year old woman growing up in Australia means she's fairly... Unexperimental in her food options. Seafood is out. Chilli is out. Anything 'Foreign' is out, especially if it's Japanese (WW2, don'tcha'know). So eventually I settled on Turkish.

My menu:

Bread and Dukkah on the table
An Entree of Cream of Parsnip soup flavoured with cumin
A main of chicken Bisteeka with a carrot salad and a Caramelized Walnut, Pomegranite and Tomato salad
Yoghort and Orange Blossum cake

Turkish Coffee and Pastries as petit-fours.

Rose Sherbert to drink.

It's going to be a bit ambitious, but I can start the Bisteeka, the Walnuts, and the soup the day before, AND the sherbert is supposed to sit for some time.

What does everyone think... Pleasing for an elderly lady and her friends, not frighteningly new, and different enough to make the occasion special?

(Now I've just got to figure out what to cook for the other meals for which my family is staying with us... And since dad can't have preservatives or additives anymore, it I want certain things like Hoisin Sauce, I've got to make 'em... I'ma be busy ^_^)

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