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MostlyWater 07-13-2008 11:34 AM

Eggplant on the grill?
Has anyone grilled eggplant before, and how was it?

texasgirl 07-13-2008 11:34 AM

I did not do it myself, but, have eaten it at a friends house. It is wonderful!! I know someone on here has done it also.

Here it is, I knew it wasn't too long ago that I saw it.

Jeekinz 07-13-2008 11:43 AM


Originally Posted by MostlyWater (Post 644504)
Has anyone grilled eggplant before, and how was it?

Certain veggies like eggplant, asparagus, zucchini, squash are A-W-E-S-O-M-E grilled.

Cut a regular eggplant into thick(1/2" or so) circles. Brush on some EVOO, salt, pepper and that's it.

Don't leave them on too long or they will get too mushy.

larry_stewart 07-13-2008 11:44 AM

As mentioned above, Ill grill a bunch of eggplant, zucchini, asparagus, along with tomatoes, onions and mushrooms. Dice them up, toss them in a bowl with cooked pasta ( like a rigatoni, penne.... , with garlic, olive oil, salt , pepper . Add a few fresh herbs from the garden ( basil, parsley..) mix it all up, and its a great grilled pasta dish

suziquzie 07-13-2008 02:08 PM

What Jeekins said.
Sometimes when I grow too many veggies to use in time I grill 'em and eat them alone for lunch.
Eggplant and summer squash are my faves!
Larry I'll have to try that over pasta... Thanks!

babetoo 07-13-2008 02:53 PM

i adore unadorned grilled egg plant. little pepper, not even salt.


Robo410 07-13-2008 03:00 PM

like they all said, yummm lots of ways. in a salad, with pasta, as a side.

and when grilling season is over, I roast them in the oven.

(I grill tomatoes too, a natural with other grilled veg. Cut in half evoo and seasonings. grill cut side down first for just a min or two, then flip and steady them and give them a good warm through. If the skin chars too much for your liking, squeeze it off.)

larry_stewart 07-13-2008 04:12 PM

Yeah, the grilled veggies mixed with the pasta is great, because the pasta takes on that grilled flavor

Cooper'sMom 07-13-2008 04:15 PM

I have done grilled eggplant before and it is really good. My DH love them grilled. I just cook 'em and he'd demolish a whole plate.

kadesma 07-13-2008 05:00 PM

We grilled some eggplant and the white zucchini's and they were great..I sprayed some foil with pam then put in the eggplant, added a good measure of evoo, sprinkled it with some grey salt that had garlic and sundried tomatoes in it, gave it a few grinds of black pepper and then added some slices of red onion..closed it up and put it on the grill, did the same with the white zucchini ..MY grandkids devoured the veggies like there was no tomorrow.. I just wish I'd done extras for today...

roadfix 07-15-2008 10:50 AM

I recently purchased this wire meshed fry pan from Williams-Sonoma and have been grilling mixed chopped vegis, including Japanese eggplants on it. Works great.

Here's a photo from their site:


Bigjim68 07-15-2008 11:11 AM

Local produce just became readily available here, and this is the absolute best time of year for me to cook. Last nights menu - yellow squash marinated in EVOO and fresh herbs , Asparagus - EVOO w/lemon drizzle - Tomatoes with Asiago and fresh basil, white supersweet corn picked yesterday morning. Fresh blackberries and peaches with whipped cream. So much good produce that the eggplant will have wait until Wednesday. I slice about 3/4 thick, salt, pepper, random herbs, EVOO, All on the grill, none overdone. All except the peaches locally produced. Summer is the best time to be a cooking fool. We'll jave fresh produce until mid September.
And of course, grilled steak. (marinated, cubed, and skewered w/onions last night)

MostlyWater 07-15-2008 11:27 AM

OMG, Roadfix, I ABSOLUTELY HAVE to have that !!!!!!

roadfix 07-15-2008 12:00 PM


Originally Posted by MostlyWater (Post 645533)
OMG, Roadfix, I ABSOLUTELY HAVE to have that !!!!!!



Jeekinz 07-15-2008 01:08 PM


I wondered about those baskets. I guess WS will be receiving some of my greenbacks this weekend. I'll take anyones advice that can build a brick outdoor kitchen! LOL

MostlyWater 07-15-2008 01:08 PM

Oh, no ROAD !!!!!!!!!!

GotGarlic 07-15-2008 01:17 PM

I got this Grill Wok at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $10 a couple of years ago:
SpaceSaver Adjustable BBQ Grill Wok :: Racks, Skewers, Kabobs & Baskets :: Grills & Grilling Accessories :: Grilling & Smoking :: BBQ Grills & Accessories - Bradley Smokers - Pool Accessories | YardandPool.com

I love it; it's nice and deep, so I can toss veggies in it without them falling out.

MostlyWater 07-15-2008 02:49 PM

GotGarlic, that looks nice and it isn't expensive either. Guess I'll have to ask DH what he wants to get since he runs the grill.

roadfix 07-15-2008 03:21 PM

My wife hates running the grill. Is grilling mostly a guy thing or what...?:tongue:

MostlyWater 07-15-2008 03:24 PM

i think it must be related to caveman times.

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