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Steve A 08-10-2008 03:42 PM

MD - Solomans and Snow Hill ... our Chesapeak Bay road trip
My wife and I managed to find two little gems during our recent weeklong "Around the Chesapeake Bay" trip in Maryland.

The first, CD Café, is located in an unassuming building in the town of Solomans. (I found out about it in the Yellow Pages.) The chefs are adept with both local and international ingredients. No reservations, no smoking, somewhat boisterous and very intimate (read: small)... my kind of find.

The second, The Palette in Snow Hill, MD would have been easy to miss completely. The building appears to be an old storefront. Honestly, relying on my GPS, we were bound for another restaurant on the same street. Fortunately for us that place was boarded shut. The Palette offers delightful food at a reasonable price. Several newspaper articles on the walls give the potential diner a bit of history concerning the name and food. The owner, who stopped by the table to talk (as well as cleared dishes) is a photographer by trade. Her photos also decorate the walls.

Given the number of restaurants in which I have eaten or worked, I'd definitely put them both in a top 10 list.

kitchenelf 08-10-2008 06:56 PM

Thanks so much for posting Steve - it helps everyone with such reviews! Wow, CD Cafe has a very diverse menu!!!!!!

quicksilver 08-10-2008 08:52 PM

They both sound pleasant. Interesting menu for CD cafe.
Thanks for sharing.

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