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Chico Buller 09-16-2008 12:22 PM

Unique Bread Knife
I just got an on-line newsletter from KnifeCenter that they are now carrying the 16-inch Lamson and Goodnow bread knife. About the biggest knife I've sold and serviced was a 14-inch gyuto. This might be a good tool for those of you who do a lot of baking.

BTW, in some of the restaurants I worked at, a bread knife in larger sizes was sharpened and used for slicing large portions of meat. This was especially useful for servers slicing on the dining floor.

The steel used was a bit harder, and the edge did not have to be touched up as often as a regular slicer.

In fact, one of the better restaurants in Madison uses only these "re-conditioned" bread knives for slicing beef. Once the serrations are rounded by use or re-profiling, the back edge can be mirror finished for this style of work.

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