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blissful 10-17-2008 06:55 PM

Cooking for the blessing you receive!
I am "now cooking" due to ingredients available not usually available.
I received a number 10 can of Tomato sauce, (from work) nice and thick, nice tasting, so I'm making lots of beans and some venison that is ground for CHILI!
I have a couple bushels of pears (my tree) and need to put some up this week-end and some this next week, oh HELP! As they ripen I need to do something with them or they will be overripe.
And lastly, I have 2 cabbages, (farmer's market) so one I cut up for saurkraut and one for kimchi, they are currently fermenting.
I'm always getting in over my head! ~Bliss

blissful 10-17-2008 07:03 PM

OH yeah, how many cups of venison and how many cups of beans cooked to the tomato sauce? more advice? please?

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