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mudbug 02-22-2005 03:29 PM

My Schedule Is All Screwed Up
With two new part-time jobs and random scheduling, I am having a hard time adjusting, folks. Finally got some decent food supplies into the house, but then rarely have time or the energy to cook anything that can't just be thrown together.

I HATE not being able to plan ahead better. Plus, I'm reading all the cool things everyone on this site is making or their recipes without the leisure anymore to try stuff out. This afternoon is the first solid block of free time I've had in a couple of weeks, so we are actually having a "real" dinner tonight and I'm gonna get off this board soon to start fiddling around in the kitchen.

All this mumbling is just to let you all know that I miss the daily talking with you all and those halcyon days of copying/pasting, and then shopping/cooking. Oh yes, and posting!

Don't forget about me while I try to figure out a new routine. Mudbug's microphone has been turned waaaay down past 11 for the time being.

lindatooo 02-22-2005 03:32 PM

You have nty sympathy...that would make me even nuttier than I am!

PA Baker 02-22-2005 03:35 PM

How could we ever forget about you mud???
We miss you as much as you miss us!
Hang in there and you'll get used to your schedules in time! Hope it all goes well for ya'!

wasabi 02-22-2005 03:41 PM

We miss you too, mudbug. Hurry back once you get your life in order. The number one rule is "Take care of Mudbug first" and everything else falls in line. https://tcwozere.co.uk/smileys/largeblink.gif

mudbug 02-22-2005 03:49 PM

Thanks, ladies. I'm still reading (almost) everything when I get up in the morning, but don't often have the energy to respond or comment that early. I'm still with you in spirit, if not in person.

Now, gotta go change out of these clothes and start slicing that acre of mushrooms.............whooeeee, I get to cook again!!

Alix 02-22-2005 08:25 PM


Try that one, there are free recipes on here that are changed weekly I think. These recipe books have saved my um...butt a time or two when I have been working too long and hard. Thinking of you mudbug. Remember to take time to relax and smell the whiskey!

DampCharcoal 02-22-2005 08:28 PM

Don't be a stranger, Mud! :(

buckytom 02-23-2005 01:02 AM

i was wondering what was up 'bug. i'm nipping at your heels in the number of posts category. i figured your supercomputer crashed or something.
ditto on what wasabi said, we miss you, but take care of yourself first. we'll be here, albeit needing a mudbug fix. (oh, and cool word "halcyon")

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