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Sprout 05-29-2012 10:09 PM

ISO Grand Rapids Gems
This doesn't exactly fit the purpose of this forum, but it was the best fit I could find. My family and I will likely be moving to the Grand Rapids, Michigan area this summer. I will be looking for a job serving at a restaurant. I have worked at a few styles of restaurants and have gotten a bit picky in my old age :wink:. Actually, to be honest, I've just been spoiled by my current job. Unfortunately, I cannot take the restaurant with me when I move. I am looking for suggestions of restaurants that might be great to work at. Does anyone know of any? I bring a positive attitude, a passion for food, and a love of people, as well as experience and technical skills, so I feel that I can afford to be selective. If push comes to shove, I will be grateful for any job that pays the bills, and I'm blessed with the ability to make myself happy in most settings, but I'd love to find a place that I will look forward to going back to. Here is what I love about where I currently work:

-The owner and managers treat guests and employees with respect.
-I trust my fellow employees.
-The food is excellent. When I give recommendations, I know the food will live up to my words. Our kitchen staff really cooks. Everything is made in-house to order.
-We rarely encounter scammers (individuals coming in looking for free meals and willing to make up any complaint to get one.)
-Most of our customers are regulars, visiting at least once a month, often weekly or more.
-Our customers come in to dine, not simply to grab a bite to eat.
-Our atmosphere is still casual and friendly. The owner talks to the customers like friends, not like visiting dignitaries.
-We have slower periods here and there, but business is fairly steady year-round.
-The dinner entrees are roughly $18-$38. They are fairly priced for high-quality food and allow us to focus on giving customers an excellent experience, not just turning tables as quickly but politely as possible. I realize the economy and cost of living in GR are different from where I work. It doesn't need to be exactly in this price range. I'm just trying to avoid the two-people-in-and-out-in-40-minutes-for-under-20-bucks-style places. There's nothing wrong with them, but I would prefer a different environment.

I realize some of these things may not be possible to judge from a customer's point of view, but I hope this gives a general idea of what I'm looking for. However, I am open to any suggestions. Does anyone know of a great place to work? It doesn't have to fit this bill exactly. I would be willing to work in a more formal or even a faster-paced setting if the work environment was inviting enough. Have you dined at a restaurant that had truly impressive food and service?

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