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Claire 08-27-2012 02:46 AM

Welsh Rarebit/Rabbit
Over the years we had a "bunch for brunch" group. Since husband and I are the only morning people among our friends, it somehow turned into lunch (isn't that what the noon meal is usually called?). Anyway, years ago I decided that if we were meeting at noon I didn't have to stick to breakfast foods. So I started making the potlucks a "theme" thing. The rules of the group are that the host household makes the main dish, then delegate -- appetizers, salads, side dishes, deserts. I went ethnic a few years ago. Well, our most recent addition to the group is an English lady married to a Pakistani man, and she decided to "do" shepherd's pie because she knows my husband loves it. So he said I'd make Welsh Rabbit.

Oh, dear me! Decided I'll do it as an appetizer (using bread sticks or some such and use the cheese as a dip) since she already has the main course covered. BUT .... I have to say, I last made this as a literature project in high school. That would be in 1971 or -2. I've looked up several recipes and am inclined to Joy of Cooking. But it seems to me it's hard to keep the cheese and beer from separating (how can I remember that so many years later?).

Any hints and help? I'll probably put it in a crockery or pyrex-type bowl so I can nuke it to warm when I get there.

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