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CrawfishEtouffe 04-06-2013 09:12 AM

Robinson Steel Spatula
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I have been cooking for years with a Robinson stainless steel spatula. My mother used it before me. I believe she once had a few of them. After 8 years mine finally broke. I have searched for a new one at kitchen stores and online but apparently these square, short-handled stainless steel spatulas are now considered vintage. Other spatulas just don't feel right when I am making certain dishes, even though I now have quite a few different sort in my collection.

Does anyone know where I might find a new one? Or perhaps a brand that makes similar spatulas? I love the fact that it has straight edges in a square shape with long holes through it and a short handle. I have burger and pancake flippers, three other spatulas, and a handfull of others, but my kitchen is missing this spatula. Please help if you can.

Whiskadoodle 04-06-2013 10:24 AM

I am Left Handed. Most spatulas are designed for Right hand people. The Slant. I have 2 spatulas that work. It took many years of estate and tag sales to find these. No, sorry, you may not borrow either of them. I have a flat front spatula as well. For me, it does not work like the others. It is a useful design, so I keep it. it could very well be a Robinson, it has a wooden handle. If I pull it from my utensils, it generally goes back in favor of another.

It's what we like and what we are used to using.

Sometimes, I find a pair of tongs works,depending on what you are cooking, like for anything sizzling on a grill, or whatever/ Or even a fork like for scramble eggs. A minute ago I was thinking about pancakes on another thread, When a good spatula is important.

And yes, it is crucially important to have a spatula that is just the right length handle, fits in your hand and is designed to do the flipping work.

I hope you find one that meets your specifications and someone has a clue to find what you are looking for. ebay? Garage sales? old people's leftovers? or amazon? Just don't be fooled by those black plastic things sold at stores everywhere. They aren't it.

CrawfishEtouffe 04-15-2013 05:42 PM

I went to many yardsales this last week and traveled a ways to scour a few flea markets, but I did not find this spatula yet.

My wife calls me crazy. She can barely cook a ramen. she doesn't understand! lol

Tonight we are having shrimp scampi. Delicious. Good thing I don't need the spatula.

viktor 10-28-2018 11:43 PM

Possible substitute for the Robinson spatula
After my vintage Robinson spatula was stolen, I went on a hunt for a replacement. I found a model "S182 1/2 PCP" made by Dexter-Russell at www.dexter1818.com. It is slightly narrower and shorter and almost as flexible as the Robinson. Hope that helps for those of us who are forlorn Robinson spatula fans.

viktor 10-30-2018 12:27 PM

I too lost my Robinson spatula and went on a hunt for a replacement. The used ones on ebay were too expensive and/or damaged. I found that Dexter-Russell makes a pretty good replacement. It is model "S182 1/2 PCP" which you can find on their site or with a search. This spatula is slightly narrower and almost as flexible as the Robinson.

roadfix 10-30-2018 12:47 PM

As for steel spatulas, I like my made-in-china, wooden handled spatulas and scrapers found at most restaurant supply stores.

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